Our School

Welcome to NSIA

Welcome to NSIA the largest Culinary and Hospitality training provider in New Zealand offering a range of programmes in baking, cookery and hospitality for international and domestic students.

We have recently launched a range of short courses which are available to the general public as well as our current students

NSIA provides a multi-resource environment to facilitate students’ learning and provides state-of-the-art facilities to enhance the success of our students. We aim to achieve global excellence in the sustained preparation of students for the futures they aspire to achieve.


To support student learning NSIA provides all relevant educational facilities and required resources. These include commercial training kitchens, production kitchen, cocktail and wine training centre, coffee training centre, an on-site training restaurant, commercial bar and restaurant, library, computer labs and multi-functional classrooms. The Academy constantly attempts to gain feedback from students about their learning needs and upgrades its facilities and increases the supply of resources to meet growing demands. 

World-class training programmes

NSIA offers a variety of world-class training programmes in both hospitality management and culinary studies and is committed to providing quality, creative and professional education in the hospitality domain. Drawing knowledge and experiences from a diverse range of industry associations, NSIA is able to deliver a contemporary and innovative teaching approach.